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Monica Max West, Award-Winning Singer-Songwriter
Winner LSC Search For The Song * Runner Up Song Of The Year Contest * UK Songwriting Contest Semi-Finalist
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Damn fine music. Quite frankly sensational.
Manages to combine refinement and understatement
with power and politics.
- Wired

She cuts the air with
her laser sharp lyrics and story-lined songs,
the heart with poetic precision.
- Michele Carlile, Independent Reviewer
Her songwriting never ceases to amaze me:
consistently intelligent, thoughtful, quirky,
weird and wonderful.
- Project: Pimento
Puts her heart into her music. Very talented.
Plenty of originality here!
Quirky and sassy; similar to Frou Frou or Bjork.
- Taxi
Her poetic words, fine pop sensibilities
and intense performances combine to make
a veritable feast for the eyes and ears.
- Peoplesound
Sweet and friendly,
but messy and gut wrenching
at the same time.
- Wired
Strawberry Switchblade's
unhinged little sister.
Just don't piss her off now.
Subtle edge and attitude;
unique vibe and style.
Very compelling and interesting.
- Great American Song Contest
Her lyrics are smart, innovative and quirky.
Max can get you inside and outside;
and she's not afraid to get her uniform dirty.
- Tom Firehat, Face It Dad Pictures
You won't have heard anything like this before.
Superb sub-pop at its best.
Basically, this is f***ing excellent stuff.
- Musician's Network
Her performance and delivery
were the best of the night.
- Rosie Wilby, Wilby
I really do love these tracks. Fantastic style.
The attitude is great. Wild and original.

A songwriter who can stand out from the pack.

- Taxi
I really think you are onto something.
Very unique sound.
- Kate Hart, Seattle Women
Certainly intriguing;
the subtle emotion, visual imagery & thick harmonies
really pulled me in.
- Great American Song Contest
Strong imagery, poetic and descriptive.
Expressive and haunting.
A strong signature style shining through.

- Taxi
I was impressed...
She genuinely has something.
- Jonny Paul, Artiste Management

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