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Monica Max West, Award-Winning Singer-Songwriter
Winner LSC Search For The Song * Runner Up Song Of The Year Contest * UK Songwriting Contest Semi-Finalist
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Retaining hope, vulnerability and aggression, finding truth,
happiness, gratitude, seeing good, openness...

Words and Music © Monica Max West
(updated 12/08/17)

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I am very happy
to release my first CD

Happiness Is The Way / Heartwood
Row This Boat With Me
Gratitude Train / Hello
My Offering / Oceans
Wait For The Call / Pianissimo
Lemonade / Sweep Out
Be Beautiful, Be Yourself / Plenty


CD £10.00 GBP

download $9.99 USD


End Of The Story lyrics
seeing the true suffering behind violence...

Paint It Blue lyrics
when aggression covers vulnerability...

Truth Is Found In Life lyrics
Non-Attachment To Views: the Second (of 14) Mindfulness Trainings

Leave behind the narrow streets
Where buildings cast shadows
They block the sky
Roam amongst the grass and flowers
Opening my ears
Opening my heart so wide

Everything changes, oh...let me not fall asleep
Everything changes, ohÖmy mind is clear when I look deep

Iím ready to learn, Iím ready to learn
Iím ready to learn, Iím ready to learn Ďcause
How I yearn, how I burn, how I long to discern

Realise every star in the firmament
Each jewel shines
Its precious light
Knowledge is a spirited changeling
Dancing like a river
With grace and might

Let go the fixed, I heal my strife
Take this shapeshifter as my wife

Electro lyrics
sometimes love is electric...

Gratitude Train lyrics
thankfulness brings climb on board!

Hello lyrics
seeing beyond anger to the Buddha nature in everyone

Belief Is Not A Gun lyrics
Openness: the First (of 14) Mindfulness Trainings

Belief is not a loaded gun
Every colour of the rainbow leads me home

She stood by the river, she wanted to cross
But she needed a vessel to carry her aloft
So she became a carpenter and built a little boat
She hoped that though the waves were rough, she could stay afloat...

Beyond any notion of right and wrong
Beyond the monochrome
Beyond dualistic – there’s a man wearing lipstick
Every colour of the rainbow leads me home

The day he saw the butterfly, he stood, transfixed
Her beauty burned into his eyes, his heart was beating quick
His love became obsession, he could think of nothing else
He wanted this fine creature only for himself...

Can I hold these views lightly, remember to let go
Can I stay unattached to what I know?
Dismantle every idol, not be blinded by the sun
Belief is not a loaded gun

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