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Monica Max West, Award-Winning Singer-Songwriter
Winner LSC Search For The Song * Runner Up Song Of The Year Contest * UK Songwriting Contest Semi-Finalist
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Happiness, reverence, loving work, community, gratitude,
magic, loving speech, rebuilding, starting over...

Words and Music © Monica Max West
(updated 11/12/18)

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I am very happy
to offer my CD

Happiness Is The Way / Heartwood
Row This Boat With Me
Gratitude Train / Hello
My Offering / Oceans
Wait For The Call / Pianissimo
Lemonade / Sweep Out
Be Beautiful, Be Yourself / Plenty


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True Happiness lyrics
what's mine is yours

Give my energy, give my time
No profit from what is not rightly mine
Share my money, one for every nine
Respect the things of others, don’t step over the line
Please don’t hurt my sister or brother
We’ve got to protect our beautiful Mother
We are one, we are in each other
This is how we’ll soon discover that

To express my love, I’ll look for the way
Appropriate in what I think and say
In a difficult place or on a difficult day
I can smile at you, I can sing and pray
Break down illusions that burden my mind
Dissolve the barriers that make me blind
Commit myself to being loving and kind
This is how I’ll finally find that

The Bodhisattvas’ vows are immense
Can I sit beside you on your raft?
The Bodhisattvas’ vows are intense
And the sea we travel is vast

Do it now, before it is too late
This is the future that we can create
Now is the time, so let us not wait
Stop using being busy as a reason to hesitate
We are all in this together
Steer our boat through every weather
Solid as a mountain but light as a feather
Let’s use our strength and wisdom to find a way that’s better, ‘cause

Love Song To Life lyrics
reverence for life

This is my love song to life
My heartfelt love song to life
It’s for the oceans and the animals
Forests and the minerals
Love song to life

Oh my people, I'm in you; oh my people, you're in me
Please, my people, can we look deeply
This morning's bacon and eggs, use cars instead of our legs
Bound by forgetting, we are not free

Progress, not perfection
Peace is our direction

No ambition that will hurt another
Turning us against our brother
When every step could kiss our Mother, oh

Oh my people, you're in me; oh my people, I'm in you
Please, my people, for the benefit of all and not the few
Can we understand the love and weapons in our hands?
Open our eyes to the good and ill we do

Peace is our direction
Let love be our connection

Mindful meditation for some illumination; mental purification, oh oh…
Peace education leads to reconciliation, every soul in creation, oh oh…

May I respect you
May I protect you
Love song to life

True Heart, True Mind lyrics
when my work is in line with my values

Essence Of Water (Flow As A River) lyrics
protecting and nourishing our community

Toothache Song (I'm Alive) lyrics
practicing gratitude

Cosmic Washing Machine lyrics
a magical place

Never Fail Me lyrics
speaking truthfully, speaking lovingly

Lost and Found lyrics
rebuilding from a solid foundation

New Year, New You lyrics
Truly starting afresh

Make a sacred resolution
Some kind of heartfelt revolution
Something to let go, give up, give away
As dawn breaks on this glorious day

I don't want to repeat the same mistakes
Ending up with familiar heartaches
I don't want to travel the same tired road
Let's make a different story from the one we've always heard and told

New Year, it's a New You
A chance to begin anew
New Year, it's a New Me
It's a chance to begin afresh so joyfully

A commitment based on a generous heart
This is a fine place to start
Something to begin, something to set right
Step by step, we will follow the light

... Let's make a different story from the one we've always bought and sold

Think about it deeply, gotta give it a try
Gotta keep on track, gotta aim high
Gotta care enough and forgive myself when I fall
Turn this intention to a practice if I want to change at all...

A chance to begin afresh so mindfully
A chance to begin afresh so peacefully

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