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Monica Max West, Award-Winning Singer-Songwriter
Winner LSC Search For The Song * Runner Up Song Of The Year Contest * UK Songwriting Contest Semi-Finalist
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Happiness, reverence, loving work, community,
magic, aligning body wiht heart and mind...

Words and Music © Monica Max West
(updated 13/02/19)

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True Happiness lyrics
what's mine is yours

Love Song To Life lyrics
reverence for life

True Heart, True Mind lyrics
when my work is in line with my values

Essence Of Water (Flow As A River) lyrics
protecting and nourishing our community

Sanity Of The Body lyrics
three energy channels

The sanity of the body is the sanity of the spirit
They are one and the same
The violation of the body is the violation of the spirit
This is not a game

Sex can be a loving act, of great responsibility
Treated with importance, it brings healing and stability
Knowing and seeing, we show how we love and accept
Ourselves and the other, with joy and respect
Bodies in this ritual of understanding and great care
This nourishment we deeply feel is very precious, very rare
We are two joined as one: this is how we express
A spiritual communion, we kiss and tender bless

Sex can be an ugly act – when touching emanates from fear
Our loneliness growing though this stranger’s body is right here
We think we love but feelings lie ‘cause pure desire is our driver
Pictures feed our cravings – we make a purchase for a fiver
Treating people just like things, our egos want satisfaction
Hearts separate and alone, fragmenting in interaction
By this violence and this anguished suffering we’re bound
Our integrity in pieces, fragments lying on the ground

Three energy channels in being alive
Sex and breath and spirit so that we can thrive
Laying the bricks for the strongest foundation
To build a life of peace for every soul in every nation
How can I preserve my spirit? How can I preserve my spirit?
Taking care of my body; taking care of my body

Cosmic Washing Machine lyrics
a magical place

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