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Monica Max West, Award-Winning Singer-Songwriter
Winner LSC Search For The Song * Runner Up Song Of The Year Contest * UK Songwriting Contest Semi-Finalist
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Simple living, reaching out, freedom of thought,
holding views lightly, openness...

Words and Music © Monica Max West / (updated 11/01/18)

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I am very happy
to release my first CD

Happiness Is The Way / Heartwood
Row This Boat With Me
Gratitude Train / Hello
My Offering / Oceans
Wait For The Call / Pianissimo
Lemonade / Sweep Out
Be Beautiful, Be Yourself / Plenty


CD £10.00 GBP

download $9.99 USD


Live Simply lyrics
Compassionate Living

Happiness is the child of Peace
And Peace arises from Solidity
Solidity is Freedom's progeny
And Freedom grows from Compassion
Compassion is the Mother of Joy
And Joy creates Well-Being
Well-Being begets Generosity
Generosity gives birth to
Happiness, it comes full circle

May I live simply so others may simply live
Remember each day to practice The Way -
when a hand is outstretched, I will give

Less desire, less possessions
Less possessions: less need for money
Less need for money, fewer hours at the job
Oh, and having more time
Having more time, making more peace
Making more peace, and there is energy
And with this energy, simply give
Sharing all that we have, we can
Simply live, it comes full circle

So many ways to get lost and become intoxicated
On money, on pleasure, on fame…but there’s no way to be sated
The Realisation of Understanding: this is my only career
Nourishment and Protection for One and All, my dear

I give my love to you

I'd Like To Help You Through lyrics
Reaching In, Reaching Out

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Freedom Of Thought

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Holding Views Lightly

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