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Monica Max West, Award-Winning Singer-Songwriter
Winner LSC Search For The Song * Runner Up Song Of The Year Contest * UK Songwriting Contest Semi-Finalist
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Questions, polar bears, the sea, relationship confusion, difference, freedom, yearning,
love, self-esteem, partnership...

Words and Music © Monica Max West
(updated 10/16)

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Right Is Wrong eue
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sometimes doing the 'right thing' is daring to do the 'wrong thing'...

81 Degrees (The Polar Bear Love Song) eue
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with gratitude to Pearl, whom I met in Svalbard (28 June 2016)


Oceans eue
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in honour of all the beautiful creatures of the sea...and the sea Herself

Oceans of dreaming, gliding a while
Migrating freely, my heart wears a smile
Oceans of gratitude, oceans of peace
Surfacing, floating, then diving so deep

Radical trust: we're breathing together
The pod's connection through stormiest weather
Splashing and flipping, a tail or a fin
Oceans of riding waves, formation swim

Water holds me in her arms so tender
Water is the place that I call home
Water is my constant friend, water is my lover
Water is my teacher and I know

I'll never be alone

These oceans crystal clear, oceans of play
Sounding harmonics, I send ripples away
Oceans of singing, celebration
Spy hopping, drifting, liberation

Riding the currents, silver, jet black
In other dimensions, I flip on my back
Flowing and changing, oceans of healing
Jumping for joy, I surrender to this feeling

Oh Mr Winnicott eue
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asking too much or too little


Life So Different eue
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courage or cowardice?

Freedom Is A Bird eue
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finally letting go of worrying what others may think

What would it be like to have a rest from all this worrying
Stop my brain from scurrying 'round this cage I built
What would it be like to take a break from all this fretting
Stop forgetting my own needs and drowning in misspent guilt?

Oh, freedom, will I ever know you
Freedom is a bird soaring high

Could I embrace this fearless love, put myself on the agenda
Treat myself as a contender,stop imagining what you think
Could I embrace my heart's desires, growing tall in my own skin
Could I finally begin my life, clear of this dark sink?

Oh, freedom, will I ever know you
Freedom is a bird soaring high

I'm not talking about betraying or denying or neglecting
Or rejecting all my loved ones, the ones who love me too
I'm just talking about crawling out and over, to finally living
Instead of giving myself away to the pull of what you'd have me do

Oh, freedom, will I ever know you
Freedom is a bird soaring high
Oh, freedom, will I ever know you
Oh, freedom stretch across the vast blue sky


The Being Close And The Going Far eue
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almost love...but not quite

Cup Of Love e
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the Pret A Manger song (Part Two) with a little innuendo...


Be Beautiful, Be Yourself eue
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be free where you are

Row This Boat With Me eue
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looking for real partnership in life...


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