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Monica Max West, Award-Winning Singer-Songwriter
Winner LSC Search For The Song * Runner Up Song Of The Year Contest * UK Songwriting Contest Semi-Finalist
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Wishes, happiness, reverence, loving work, community,
magic, aligning body wiht heart and mind...

Words and Music © Monica Max West
(updated 11/03/19)

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Lucky Time (Full Moon) lyrics
let's gather together

This is a lucky time, a very lucky time…

Father Sun emerges from behind the whites and greys
Infusing me with warmth as I am kissed by his rays
The Maypole stands – we’re weaving coloured ribbons all around
Dancing strong for bounty of the crops still in the ground

Are you ready? Am I ready? The ocean breeze shows clear that
We cannot stop the waves but we can learn to surf and steer
Are you ready? Am I ready? Both sun and moon will rise
Let's follow where they lead us, open heart and open eyes

Full moon, the first of May
A perfect time to gather together in this way
Full moon - and on this day
We'll offer up our dreams, it's a lucky time to pray

Mother Moon pulls me deeper, her countenance draws me on
Till I'm basking in her milky light and all my fears are gone
Shimm'ring soft and proud amidst the inky black above
White and gold and silver, Mother Moon is full of love

Take hold of your heart's wishes, and place them in a basket
Sprinkle them like seeds as you sing your truest song
With gracious gratitude for every magic moment
Breathing is a blessing…

We can all sing along, we can all sing along
We can all sing along, we can all sing along

True Happiness lyrics
what's mine is yours

Love Song To Life lyrics
reverence for life

True Heart, True Mind lyrics
when my work is in line with my values

Essence Of Water (Flow As A River) lyrics
protecting and nourishing our community

Sanity Of The Body lyrics
three energy channels

Cosmic Washing Machine lyrics
a magical place

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